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We can transform your wedding into an exquisite affair of pure grandeur and luxury. Reach out to us at +91 8882404903 or via email at contact.ihco@gmail.com. Let's talk about your vision, and allow us the privilege to surpass your expectations in bringing it to life.

  • Wedding Favors

    Our heritage-inspired trinkets, adorned with hand-painted motifs, make for the perfect wedding favors. You can get the design customized and narrate your special story through the favors.

    Our exclusive design collections aim to make your celebrations into cultural soirées that resonate with the soul-stirring beats of traditions.

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  • Kansa Dinner Sets

    We offer an array of enchanting tableware that transcends your most cherished events & occasions into an epitome of Indian Opulence.

    While turning your table into a regal affair, The lustrous gold impressions of the kansa and brass tableware against the heritage culinary creations leaves a lasting fancy on the feasting senses of your guests.

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  • Heirloom For New Home

    Bring back the age-old ayurvedic culture of eating out of Kansa for all the health benefits it offers, promoting an overall conscious, luxurious, eco-friendly & mindful lifestyle in your new home.

    Include a Kansa Dinner Set in your trousseau as it will last you generations due to the metal’s durability and would become your heirloom family dinner set. 

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