The Essence of IHCo

Our brand is a bridge between tradition and modernity,
where every piece of tableware is a canvas that tells a story of India's rich cultural history.
We take immense pride in bringing these unique designs to your table, connecting you
with the artistic legacy of our nation.

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Preservation of Craft

One of our primary missions is to preserve the crafts that have been passed down to us as heirlooms through generations. The designs you find on our tableware have been carried through centuries-old traditions, and your purchase ensures that these invaluable skills continue to thrive. When you buy from us, you are becoming a custodian of India's artistic heritage.

Conscious Luxury

Conscious luxury embodies the essence of elegance and opulence, driven by a deep commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. It represents a harmonious fusion of refined aesthetics and responsible consumption, where each exquisite item is not just a symbol of affluence but also a testament to the values of environmental and social stewardship, creating a truly meaningful and mindful indulgence.

Empowering Artisans

We believe in the importance of empowering artisans and ensuring that their craftsmanship is recognized and valued. The majority of our workforce comprises young women who bring a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication to their work. Your choice to support our brand directly contributes to their financial independence, education, and overall empowerment.

Rediscovering the Benefits of Metal Tableware

Our commitment to preserving tradition extends beyond design. We are reintroducing the practice of eating out of metal tableware, an age-old tradition that comes with various health benefits. These tableware items are not just beautiful but also safe and eco-friendly. By using our products, you can relish your meals while promoting a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Creating Employment Opportunities

We are committed to generating sustainable employment for our artisans, enabling them to secure a better future for themselves and their families. With your support, we can continue to expand our team and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

Join Our Movement

Every time you choose our Indian heirloom tableware, you become a part of a movement that celebrates tradition, empowers artisans and women, and champions the beauty of metal tableware. Your conscious choices create a brighter future for our artisans and play a vital role in preserving India's rich cultural heritage. Make a difference today by making a conscious choice to support our brand. Together, we can celebrate our history and create a brighter future for all.